A dynamic swarm at your fingertips.

At barely 1.5 centimeters across, each cetonia scarab is a marvel of precision engineering.

Designed from the ground up for agile flight. Integrated hydrogen chambers and a high-efficiency hover mode permit 15+ minutes of air time between charges.

A hueSHIFT carapace with over 22 million possible colors provides clear visual feedback in day or night with visibilities up to 1.5 kilometers.

Camera and sensor arrays permit full 6D reconstructions with composition profiling, allowing you to record almost everything.

Multiply your potential.

Deploy and charge up to 40 scarabs from the wrist-mounted charging station.

Office and field nests support flights of up to 10,000 scarabs working in tandem*.

Automated recharging allows up to 30% of the swarm to remain continuously in flight.

Analysis. Anywhere.

Quickly deploy flights in automated formations to survey and measure almost anything.

The power of inquiry

Use cameras and sensors to map and quickly capture data as well as manipulate and collect physical samples up to 0.2 grams and 2 millimeters across.

Visualization where and when you want it.

Flights can coordinate to form interactive visual plots, clusters, and charts on-demand - revealing live data within arm's reach.

A solution for every scale.

Nesting flights form charts and visual groupings that you can manipulate and reconfigure using direct touch.

Larger flights can rapidly reconfigure to illustrate models, simulations, and data at life-sized scales.

World Integration lets you display data in-context and see activity traces or sensor readings exactly where they were captured.

Precise pointing is a snap.

Control has never been easier. Just flick your fingers to trigger ALIGHT mode. Once attached to you, each flier is capable of capturing incredibly precise motion and pointing data that can be used to direct flights and manipulate your environment even at distances of over 1km.

Flash to order.

Created by Wesley Willett for Death of the Desktop .
*ATX carriers support swarms of up to 2 million (government and military clients only).